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What Is The Procedure Of A Volumetric Concrete Mixer?

What is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete has been known as a type of concrete in which the volume of material has mixed compared to weight. The volumetric concrete is mainly mixed on construction sites in volumetric concrete mixers, self-limited mobile batch plants. These professional trucks hold all the obligatory concrete elements such as (gravel, sand and water, the most important ingredient). The mobile volumetric mixer offers the durability to produce concrete on-site in any quantity without any leftovers. They also produce concrete at any specific collapse or water-cement quantity. If needed, mixes and levels could be swapped jobs or even during a job by mainly regulating the machine’s proportioning controls. The volumetric concrete machines are obtained to the site where the mix could be shaped to a given requirement and provided in specific quantities.  

Volumetric Concrete – What Are The Benefits?

With different kinds of concrete available, it could be difficult to be aware of what to select, significantly if you have never been required to buy concrete before. There are some benefits of volumetric concrete, including zero-wastage, durability and truck volume. 


No waste has occurred using volumetric concrete, as it has been mixed on-site, which has been taken as meaning that it has been customized perfectly to your requirements. It means that you have to get the perfect amount of concrete that would view your project effectively through the last. The good thing about not having to take tension about wastage is that you would never over-ordered or under ordered, which is taken as meaning if it is your first attempt at ordering concrete. You could not possibly get the wrong quantity of concrete.

Truck capacity

One benefit of volumetric concrete is that they have their trucks volumetric concrete, which hold a capacity of almost 10m3. It has been taken as that the components for concrete production could be stored and volumetric concrete production in their specific containers. They are ready to be merged and mixed, personalized and managed as per requirements on the day of distribution. Having the pure capacity to do this is extremely useful as you consider that your concrete could be modified to take for specifically cold, hot or wet weather conditions. 

Why Choose to Use Volumetric Concrete? 

By selecting volumetric concrete, you are selecting a service where only a specific quantity of concrete has been transferred, which is required for the job. A volumetric concrete mixer has been divided into three major parts: moveable, customized, and local volumetric mixer. The lightweight volumetric concrete truck would be your option if you transferred the volumetric mixer to the construction site every day. You could find a lightweight mixture with handles and tyres. On the other hand, large volumetric concrete trucks can transfer through the whole city from one place of work to another. The distinctive volumetric mixer holds the rotating volumetric concrete machine and the set of sharp edges that mix all the components of concrete. This kind of concrete mixer is suggested for all small jobs.  

What Else Should You Know About The Volumetric Concrete and The Mixers? 

The concrete plants would be the perfect selection for a large volume of concrete, but trucks must move concrete through the construction site. A traditional volumetric concrete mixer is best for projects where concrete has been needed in more than one place in a similar region. A concrete mixer could be transferred around the project area without any problem. The Volumetric mixer is mainly utilized for the volumetric concrete mixer manufacturer of roadside and some other small projects who need concrete in different areas. The main function of a volumetric mixer is quite easy. Just place the concrete mixer on plain ground and ensure all the required elements for making concrete. 

Begin with pouring the cement and, in the meantime, add water. After all, the elements inside the mixer go through the volumetric concrete production procedure by turning on the drum. When the concrete has been ready, pour the concrete into your required areas. Moreover, also consider how a mixer works. If the engine’s temperature is high in the mixing procedure, it is suggested that the volumetric concrete machine be stopped for some time, and you have to wait until it cools down. 

What is the Process of Volumetric Concrete?

  • Putting sand and gravel from solely sand and aggregate containers on a volumetric concrete mixer structure onto sovereign sand and amassed conveyors, mainly running side by side
  • Pouring cement from a cement bin in the trucks of volumetric concrete to one of the sand and aggregate conveyors
  • Squaring the sand, gravel, and cement from the conveyors within the mixing boot at the stern of the mixer frame.
  • Adding water from the single tank on the structure of the truck within the mixing boot
  • Mixing sand, cement, water and other components with a gimlet in the mixing boot to manufacture a concrete slurry that is ready to pour.
  • Clearing the sludge from the mixing boot. 

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