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6 Reasons Why Concrete Is A Great Choice For Floors

Concrete is often only thought of as a material that is used for structural purposes, laying foundations and something that is hidden away with flooring finishes, wall paints etc. But concrete can give a great finish to floors and walls. It also creates rustic aesthetics and is currently becoming popular even as worktops for kitchens and bathrooms. It is a highly versatile material and can be used for floors as finishes, not just subfloors, walls and more. There are many reasons why concrete works well as flooring options. Today let us take a look at 6 reasons why concrete is a great choice for floors. And let us also take some time out to explore those reasons as well. Any volumetric concrete company will be able to provide just what is needed for a perfect concrete floor finish.

Why Concrete?

This is a valid question, indeed. Why concrete? Well, there are ever so many reasons why concrete is so popular. It is a man-made resource that is today one of the most used materials on the earth. The only resource that is used more than the concrete itself is water. And why concrete is because all of the materials that are required to make any basic or standard concrete are mixed are easily available around the world. No matter the type of land, climate or area, concrete is easily available and is therefore highly used in construction. And this is why it is best to see the various ways in which it can be used. As it is easily available and not to mention affordable by all alike. Add to this, the various benefits of concrete for construction over other materials. Now onto why concrete is a great choice for floors.

6 Reasons Why Concrete Is A Great Choice For Floors

Now that we have looked into why we have chosen concrete, it is high time we moved on to the six reasons why. 

Strength And Durability

The strength and durability of concrete are very well known. Very old Roman structures such as temples, and pathways are strong and intact even today. Anyone can see its strength. Moreover, concrete is mainly used in laying foundations and for structural purposes because of its tensile strength. Concrete and bear large volumes of weight as well as pressure. Most of our roads are made of concrete and they withstand heavy vehicles and such. So if a concrete floor can bear vehicles and heavy equipment, the furniture and people of a home can easily be withstood by the concrete floor. It is highly durable and will not be damaged or go through heavy wear and tear due to moving of furniture or such. 

Concrete Is Long Lasting

As stated above, it is highly durable and that, of course, means it will be highly long-lasting as well. It only needs to be sealed it will last for many years. It may get some wear and tear and begin to show some signs of having been used. But even this comes after many years of use. Moreover, the benefit of a concrete floor is that it can be painted over. This feature can be seen in so many retail stores, restaurants and the like. This is because it lasts longer and will be well able to bear the foot traffic that such areas get. So one can easily discern how much more beneficial it will be in a home setting. 

The Possibility Of Plenty Of Design Options

Concrete may look very plain or boring, but this is far from the truth. Ever so many designers have made creative use of concrete for floors as well as walls. The rustic look of concrete has become much preferred by many designers. Moreover, one of the biggest appeals of concrete floors and walls is that plenty of patterns, textures and colours can be added to them. Adding textures and patterns and painting over it will improve its aesthetic appeal. 

Reasonable and Affordable

Concrete is one of the most affordable construction materials there is. Concrete flooring does not incur special costs, nor does it require any special mixes to be made. Concrete flooring is easily just a difference in the mix ratio of its ingredients. This means that there are no additional costs incurred for using it as a flooring option. And concrete itself is already a  much more affordable option. 

Concrete Floors Are Easy To Maintain

Concrete floors do not require all the extra care that other floors do. The concrete floor only requires a sealant once a year as part of maintenance. Regular sweeping and mopping are suitable as with any other floors. It does not require any special care and cleaning and vacuuming, as usual, will do. Many choose to polish their floors too. 

It Is Good For Indoor And Outdoor areas

This is a major benefit. It is reliable and all of the above applies whether this is indoor or outdoor. Many homeowners set up a little nook in their garden as a lovely little afternoon tea place. it is also often used to create a sports area outside of homes.